john heidel

John Heidel

John started Homestead Building Company in 2003, after years of delivering exceptional customer service in the home electronics industry. He serves as Owner, Designer, and Developer, with a desire to bring cutting edge technology and fresh design to the entire homebuilding process. John’s focus on the highest standard of customer service, combined with a heart to serve his clients make him the premier homebuilder of the Triangle area. John and his wife Margaret have been happily married for the past 18 years, and they are the proud parents of three beautiful daughters. His family inspires him to be the best at serving others.



margaret heidel

Margaret Heidel

After years of working in the background of Homestead Building Company in many different roles, Margaret officially joined the company in January of 2018.  Her role as Social Media Manager, and an increasing role in Human Resources, stands to benefit Homestead employees and clients alike.  When she is not working, Margaret is the lead educator, chaperone, chauffeur, chef and cheerleader for the Heidel family. 



melanie priestly

Melanie Priestly

Melanie is irreplaceable in her role as superintendent.  She joined the company in 2014 as an assistant, and quickly expanded her knowledge of homebuilding processes to become a superintendent.  In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, including her sister Holly & her parents Morgan & Carol, participating in outdoor recreational activities and playing competitive soccer.



jeff melton

Jeff Melton

Jeff brings a wealth of knowledge about leadership and process to Homestead Building Company. His history in management keeps projects flowing on time and on budget, which is of the upmost importance in his role as Director of Operations. Jeff has a passion for serving others, which is clear throughout the entire home building experience. Jeff is happily married to his lovely wife Donna, and is the proud papa to both a daughter and a son.



andy hurst

Andy Hurst

Andy is the energetic, diligent and attentive project manager of Homestead Building Company. There is not a detail that escapes his discerning eye. A part of Homestead Building Company since 2005, Andy’s focus on finishing a home with excellence and on time makes him the hero of our customers. Andy spends his off time raising his beautiful daughter, and enjoying the outdoors.



binky haley

Binky Haley

Binky could be considered the heart of Homestead Building Company. Binky has been with Homestead since day one, keeping the books and the office humming along without a hitch! Binky and her husband David enjoy spending time with their three grown children, and numerous grandchildren.